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Halesowen Annual Summary for 2022

An exceptionally mild year, with average rainfall.

2022 had the 2nd highest mean temperature in 67 years, only beaten in 2006.
The mean temperature was +1.1 degrees above the 30 year normal.
It was warmer than usual in Feb, May, Jul, Aug, Oct and Nov. 
It was cooler than usual only in Dec.

Rainfall for the year ranked 35th highest in 67 years, 94.6% of normal.
Very wet months were Feb, Sep, Oct, Nov, while it was driest than usual in Jan, Jul and Aug.
Raindays ranked 9th highest and very wet days 18th highest.















rain mm













30yr rain avg













rain %













Rain rank

2nd lowest






3rd lowest


3rd highest

4th highest

2nd highest


temp C













30yr temp avg


























65yr temp avg















15.7 mean max (C) ,    +1.5 diff from av (C)                   ranks 2nd highest in 67 years
  7.1 mean min (C) ,     +0.8 diff from av (C)                   ranks 5th highest
 11.4 mean (C),            +1.1  diff from av (C)                 ranks 2nd highest

HiMax 38.2 C on  18/7/22
LoMax   -0.5C on 12/12/22

HiMin   22.5C on 19/7/22
LoMin   -7.8C on 15/12/22

Highest Mean  30.3C on 19/7/22
Lowest Mean   -3.1C on 15/12/22


 772.8 rain total (mm), 95% of av                             ranks 35th highest in 67 years

 205 raindays (with 0.2mm or more)               ranks 9th highest
 129 wetdays (with 1mm or more)                  ranks 42nd highest
   59 verywetdays (with 5mm or more)          ranks 18th highest

26.8 most rainfall in a day (mm) on 22/10/22

Rainfall duration 621.0 hours


2 days with snow falling, totalling 0.8cm
Most snowfall in a day 0.5cm on 6/1/22
 1 day with lying snow on 5/1/22


 1016.4 mean pressure (mb) ,  +1.5 pressure anomaly (mb)
 1043.1 max pressure at any time of day, on 18/3/22
   983.0 min pressure at any time of day, on 7/4/22


7 days with fog

30 air frosts,  the last was 10/4/22 , first was 6/12/22
84 ground frosts, the last was 30/4/22 , first was 11/10/22
so 164 days with no air or ground frost.
Frost duration  329 hours.

THUNDER     3 days with thunder heard,

HAIL                 No days with hail

HUMIDITY           85% at 0900

CLOUD COVER    62% at 0900  


January 2022 February 2022 March 2022

Statistically January's mean temperature was normal, although an unseasonably warm beginning and ending on 1st 4th, and 27th 31st, but turning cold from 5th 7th, and 20th 26th.  Most rain fell before the 8th , very little after that, making January the 10th driest in the last 68 years here.  There was a light dusting of snow about 0.3cm from 2000 on 4th, with 0.2cm still lying the following morning. On the 6th about 0.5cm snow fell from 1100 although melted by early afternoon.

Quite a breezy month too, especially 1st 9th , and very windy from 29th - 31st.  Dullest days were 23rd 25th, and sunniest 11th 14th, 17th 21st, and 26th 31st .  Just 1 fog day on 14th.

 7.3 mean max (C) 
 1.3 mean min (C) 
 4.3 mean (C)  0.0 deg avg (C) , the 29th = highest in 68 years

13.0 high max (C) on 1, 9th = highest
  2.9 low max (C)  on  24
10.9 high min (C)  on 1, a new record highest
 -3.7 low min (C)   on  6

29.8 rain total (mm)  41% of av, 10th driest
Most rain was 6.6mm on 1st   

 20 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
 8  wetdays (days with >=1mm),   4th = fewest
  1  very wet day (days with >=5mm),  3rd = fewest
25 days with ground frosts ,  9th greatest number
  9 days with airfrosts
  1 day with fog
No thunder
57% cloud cover percent
92% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1025.3mb

  February has been mild, enjoying the 5th = highest mean temperature in 57 years, and the 4th = highest mean max and mean min.  Only 1961 and 2014 have had zero air frosts, and now 2022.  Although 14 ground frosts were recorded, the lowest min  temperature never got to freezing point.
Rainflall was the 5th highest monthly total, most falling on 4th, 6th, 13th to 20th , and 28th.
Windiest days were 20th-21st (storm Franklyn), 16th (storm Dudley) and 18th (storm Eunice), an unusual string of storms in succession passing nearby. It was quite sunny from 22nd to 27th, but dull around 8th-9th, 13th-15th, 20th -21st .

9.8 mmax (C) 
  3.5 mmin (C) 
  6.6 mean(C)  +1.9 diff from av (C).
14.0 high max (C) on 16th  
  5.7 low max (C) on 24th  
  8.8 high min (C) on 2nd
  0.7 low min (C) on 11th
104.2 rain total (mm)
189.5% of av 
19 raindays (days with >=0.2mm) (5th highest in 67 years)
14 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
10 very wet days (days with >=5mm) (2nd highest in 67 years)
14 days ground frost
  0 days air frost (only ever happened here in 1961 and 2014 before)
67% cloud cover percent
88% mean RH   ------------------------------------------------

SEASONAL REPORT FOR WINTER  (Dec2021, Jan2022, Feb2022)

                   this year   normal   anomaly
MeanMax       8.4           6.8          +1.6
MEAN              5.7           4.1          +1.6 
MeanMin        2.9          1.3           +1.6

RAINFALL     233.0      198.2       117.6%
Raindays         62          50.3        +11.7
Wet Days        37           35.8        +1.2
V Wet Days     17          14.4         +2.6
Cloud oktas    5.5          5.7          -0.2

Mean temperature ranks 6th= highest in 57 years, so a mild winter overall.
Rainfall is 18th highest, raindays are 9th highest, so wetter than average too.

After a cooler start to the month, March grew steadily warmer until a downturn on 29th. It was very pleasant from 22nd to 28th. Mean temperature for March was the 6th highest on record here (in 67 years). Mean Max was 2nd highest (beating 2012 and 2017) but Mean Min was only 14th mildest. There were only 2 airfrosts, the 7th fewest on record, on 8th and 31st. In recent years, 2012 and 2019 had no air frosts, and 2017 had just 1.
Rainfall was close to normal, wettest from 2nd to 4th and 11th to 16th, otherwise good long dry periods.  March had the 12th fewest raindays. There were brief snow flurries on 31st, but this did not settle.
Dullest days were 2-3, 11 and 16, and brightest were from 17th to 31st, with the exception of 21st and 30th. Windiest days were between 8th and 13th, calmest 20th to 30th. Just one day had fog, on 2nd, although several days remained misty.

12.9 mmax (C) 
  3.5 mmin (C) 
  8.2 mean(C)  +1.4 diff from av (C), the 6th mildest in 67 years.
20.8 high max (C) on 24th  
  6.8 low max (C) on 2nd    
7.9 high min (C) on 10th
 -1.1 low min (C) on 8th  and 31st 
 55.8 rain total (mm)
102.6% of av rainfall
11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  8 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  4 very wet days (days with >=5mm
14 days ground frost
  2 days air frost
  1 day with snow flurries on 31st
  1 day with fog
52% cloud cover percent
86% mean RH 


April 2022 May 2022 June 2022

April was fairly mild (13th mildest) and fairly dry (21st driest).
After a cool start to the month it was mostly quite pleasant from 15th onwards apart from a dull 28th.  Wettest days were 6th, 12th to 13th and 19th, then it was dry from 20th. Windiest days were 4th to 7th, 22nd to 23rd.
Good growing conditions for soft fruit and vegetables

 14.8 mean max (C) 
   4.5 mean min (C) 
   9.6 mean (C)  + 0.3 diff from av (C), the 13th mildest in 67 years
22.7 high max (C) on 15
  8.9 low max (C)  on  1
  8.9 high min (C) on  16
 -2.7low min (C) on 3
36.6 rain total (mm)  21st driest April
Most rain was 7.8mm on 30th

  11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
    3 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
     2 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

Ground frost on 9 days
Air frost on 5 days
No days with hail
No days with snow or sleet
No days with fog
No days with thunder
61% cloud cover percent
84% mean RH 

May enjoyed the 3rd highest mean temperature in  67 years here, beaten only in 2017 and 2018. The mean min was the 2nd highest, and mean max 9th highest (in fact 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2022  are all in the top 9).
Much of the month had mean temperatures above average, except for the final few days. There were no ground frosts or air frosts, one of 10 years having neither during May.
Rainfall was 87% of normal, but was spread throughout the month, so 23 raindays, which ranks 3rd greatest number for May, but only 14 wetdays and 5 very wet days.
Half the month experienced at least 4 hours of "bright sunshine", with the longest daily sunshine over 11 hours recorded on the 13th, 14th and 27th. Windiest days were 10th  to 11th, 13th, 17th, and 25th to 27th.

18.7 mean max (C) 
  9.1 mean min (C) 
13.9 mean (C)  +1.5 diff from av (C)
24.3 high max (C) on  14
13.2 low max (C) on  1
12.6 high min (C) on  16
  6.2 low min (C) on 31
52.8 rain total (mm)
87.4% of av 
23 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
14 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No Ground frost  and  No Air frost
Mean pressure 1018.2 mb
71% cloud cover percent


(Mar, Apr, May 2022)

            this year     normal        anomaly

MeanMax    15.5       13.2              +2.3
MEAN            10.6        8.8              +1.8
MeanMin        5.7        4.4             +1.3

RAINFALL    145.2     172.1           84.3%
Raindays          47       43.0           + 4.0    
Wet Days          29       32.3          -  3.3     
V Wet Days       13       11.6          + 1.4   

Statistically 0.5 deg milder than usual for June. The Mean temp 15th highest in 67 years here. It was warmest 14th 17th, and 20th 23rd, and coolest 1st 2nd and 19th 20th.
Rainfall was only 77% of normal, and nearly half of this (26mm) fell on
4th and 10mm on 18th. It remained dry 2nd 4th, 10th 17th and 20th 23rd.
Sunniest days were 7th, 11th -12th, 14th, 20th 22nd, 26th 27th and 30th, and it was dull on 5th and 18th. The cloud cover was the 4th smallest at obs hour. It was windiest from 25th to 28th.

21.3 mean max (C) 
10.3 mean min (C) 
15.8 mean (C)  +0.5 diff from av (C
30.5 high max (C) on 17
10.6 low max (C) on 5
16.0 high min (C) on 17
  5.9 low min (C) on  2
 55.6 rain total (mm)  77% of av 
  13 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
    8 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
    3 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No ground frost or air frost
No days with fog 
No days with thunder
48% cloud cover percent
77% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1015.8 mb


July 2022 August 2022 September 2022

A very warm month overall, the mean temperature ranking 5th highest, but the Hi Max on 18th achieved a record breaking 38.2C (previous record was 35.6C in 2020). Likewise the Hi Min on 19th was 22.5C ( beating previous record 21.5C in 2009).
The middle two weeks 8th 21st were the warmest.

Rainfall totalled 36.8mm, ranking 18th lowest for July in 67 years here. There were 18 consecutive dry days from 4th to 21st, the only appreciable rainfall was 1st  - 2nd, 21st 27th, and 30th 31st, with 9.0mm rain falling on 21st , 8.0mm on 30th and 6.6mm on 1st, these 3 days alone accounting for almost 2/3 of the  total month's rainfall.

Sunniest days were between 5th and 19th,  also 29th and 31st.
Dullest days were 20-21st, 28th and 30th.
Windiest days were 23-25th and 6-9th

So statistically a very warm and fairly dry month, good for growing fruit and vegetables, providing you watered everything well during the extended dry middle of the month.

 24.6 mean max (C) , 5th warmest
 13.4 mean min (C) , 8th warmest
19.0 mean (C)  +1.8 diff from av (C), the 5th warmest in 67 years.

Weekly mean temps were:
1st    7th   15.6C
8th 14th   20.5C
15th 21st  22.3C
22nd 28th  17.4C

38.2 high max (C) on 18, new record daily highest
17.6 low max (C) on 2, the 9th highest on record
22.5 high min (C) on 19, new record daily highest
  7.6 low min (C) on  5, the 18th highest on record

 36.8 rain total (mm)  58% of av, 18th lowest
 Wettest day was 21st with 9.0mm
   11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
    8 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
    4  very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No ground frost or air frost
No days with fog 
No days with thunder
65% cloud cover percent
78% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1020.9mb
Highest pressure was 1033.9mb on 8th, the 2nd highest for July

August enjoyed the highest Mean temperature on record here (in 67 year, the 2nd highest Mmax and Mmin. It was hottest between the 8th and the 14th but mean temp was above average on most days.
Rainfall was the 3rd lowest, receiving only 31% of normal August rainfall. Many dry days, rain falling 1-3, 16-18, 21-22, 24-25, most of this on the 16th, and 24th/25th. The number of raindays was 6th fewest on record, wetdays and very wet day 5th fewest.
Hot and dry sums up the month, with just a few rainy days, but rain total remaining well below normal.
4 of the 10 hottest Augusts (mean temperatures) have occurred since 2016.

25.5 mmax (C)  2nd highest (greatest was 25.9Cin 1995)
13.3 mmin (C)   2nd highest (greatest was 13.8C in 1997)
19.4 mean(C)  +2.6 diff from av (C), the highest on record here (prev 19.2C in 1995)
34.5 high max (C) on 14th  (3rd highest, beaten in 2020 and 1990)
16.9 low max (C) on 17th     
17.6 high min (C) on 24th 
  6.7 low min (C) on 6th
Hottest from 8th to 14th

21.8 rain total (mm), 31.1% of av , 3rd driest (lower in 1995 and 2003)
9 raindays (with >=0.2mm)
4 wet days (with >=1mm)
2 very wet days (with >=5mm)
Greatest fall 10.2mm on 16th
No ground frost
No air frost
Windiest days 2nd 3rd , 19th 20th
Most sunshine hours from 6th to 14th
Highest bright sunshine was recorded on 1, 3-4, 6-14, 19-20
Dullest days were recorded on 2,22-23, 29
50% cloud cover percent
80% mean RH 

SEASONAL REPORT FOR Summer  (Jun, Jul, Aug)

Overall summer statistics show the 3rd highest Mean, Mmax and Mmin temperatures on record here, while rainfall ranked 9th lowest.  So an unsurprisingly very warm and dry Summer 2022.

                    this year  normal   anomaly
MeanMax      23.9           20.7      +3.2             3rd highest (beaten 2006, 2018)
MEAN             18.1          
15.8      +2.3            3rd highest (beaten 2006, 2018)
MeanMin       12.4           10.9      +1.4            3rd = highest (beaten 2005, 2006)
RAINFALL    114.2        197.9      58%            9th lowest
Raindays       33            40.5       81%            13th lowest
Wet Days       20            30.3       66%            7th lowest
V Wet Days     8            12.7       63%      10th = lowest

Temperatures steadily fell during September, giving an overall mean 14.5C just 0.3deg above normal, the 14th mildest in 67 years here. Most rain fell at the beginning (4th, 5th, 7th, 8th) then less at the end of the month (28th, 30th) , giving more sunnier days in the middle of the month (14th 16th 17th) with cooler clearer nights then.
Thunder 5th 7th and 8th, although short lived. More unsettled and windier from 26th onwards.Looking at whole year's rainfall from Jan to Sept, we have seen 481mm, the 14th lowest in  67 years. In contrast, September itself was the 21st wettest on record though. So a mixed month, but nothing record breaking.

 19.0 mean max (C) 
 10.1 mean min (C) 
 14.5 mean (C)  +0.3 diff from av (C), the 14th mildest in 67 years

 23.7 high max (C) on  5
 12.7 low max (C)  on 27
 15.6 high min (C) on   4
   3.3 low min (C)  on  25

 88.2 rain total (mm)  135% of av , the 21st wettest here
 Most rain was 18.6 mm on 5th 
  18 raindays (days with >=0.2mm) 10th greatest in 57yr
  12 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
    6 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No days with ground frost or air frost
1 day with fog  on 30th
3 days with thunder on 5th, 7th, 8th
62% cloud cover percent
91% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1013.8mb



October 2022 November 2022 December 2022

A very mild October, having the 5th= highest Mean temp in 67 years here. The Mean Max was the 2nd = highest, and the Low Max was a new record highest. 
Every month this year has exceeded the 30 year Mean temperature! 
Just one ground frost on 11th.
October was the 15th wettest on record, with 20th to 23rd particularly wet days. Half the month's rain was recorded on Sunday 23rd from the torrential downpours on 22nd and overnight into 23rd.
Many bright days this month, with the notable exceptions of 5th, 20th and 27th.
Quite windy from 4th to 7th, and again in the final few days of the month.
So another very mild and wet month, like September, for my allotment crops to continue growing for a little bit longer.

16.5 mean max (C) 
  8.8 mean min (C) 
12.7 mean (C)  +2.1 diff from av (C)  (5th= highest mean)

 18.7 high max (C) on 29
 14.0 low max (C)  on 20 (new record highest low max)
 13.5 high min (C) on  28
   1.9 low min (C)  on  11

102.6 rain total (mm)  122% of av (15th wettest)
 Most rain was 26.8 mm on 22nd
  18 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  16 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
    6 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

1 day with ground frost on 11th
No fog days  
No days with thunder
64% cloud cover percent
85% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1012.9mb


November was very mild and very wet. Temperatures stayed above normal, apart from 21st and from 28th.  Little frost or fog. Heavier rain fell on 2nd, 7/8th, 14th-16th, 21st and 24th, although most days experienced some rainfall.  Quite windy periodically.throughout the month.

 11.0 mmax (C)       6th highest in 67 years
  6.5 mmin (C)       3rd highest
  8.7 mean(C)          +1.7diff from av (C)  4th highest
15.6 high max (C) on 12th  
  5.6 low max (C) on 29th
11.8 high min (C) on 11th 
  2.3 low min (C)  on  4th

137.0mm rain total (mm)   5th greatest
167.1 % of av 
25 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)   only 5 years exceeded this
18 wetdays (days with >=1mm)       only 7 years exceeded this
11 very wet days (days with >=5mm)   only 1 year exceeded this
Most daily rain was 25.2mm on 21st h

  2 days ground frost   only 3 years have had fewer
  0 days air frost   only 6 years have had no air frost in November
  2 days fog,  6th and 29th
76% cloud cover percent
86% mean RH 

Most hours sunshine on 3rd, 4th, 25th  and 28th.
Dullest days were 21st  and 29th .


Autumn Temperatures rank 3rd  highest in 67 years, and rainfall 7th highest, rain and wet days rank 5th and 3rd highest respectively. So a very mild and wet season.

                   this year     normal        anomaly
HiMax                23.7       31.7
MeanMax         15.5       13.8    +1.7            3rd highest          
LoMax                5.6        -2.0                         
MEAN                12.0       10.3      1.7            3rd highest
HighMin            15.6       17.1     
MeanMin            8.5         6.7     +1.8 
3rd =  highest 
LoMin                 1.9       -8.1                 
RAINFALL     327.8      215.3   152%               7th highest
Raindays        61       47.1        6th highest
Wet Days        46       34.2       5th highest
V Wet Days     23      14.2       3rd =highest

December was a month of two meteorological halves.
Up to 18th was very cold, frosty, mostly dry and winds lighter.
After 18th was milder, virtually frost free, much wetter and windier.
Overall, statistically, temperatures were 1.4 deg C below normal, ranking 14th lowest mean temperature in 68 years of records here. The lowest temperatures were 7.8C on 15th, -7.1C on 16th, -6.2C on 14th and 6.1C on 17th.
Airfrosts on all days 6th to 18th  , the 15th highest number of AFs
Ground frosts on 2-4,  6-19, 26-27 . This is the 17th highest number of GFs
Rainfall overall was only 66% of normal for December, ranking 17th lowest in 68 years. However, 25 raindays ranked 5th highest, while 12 wet days and 4 very wet days ranked lower than normal. 
Foggy on 2nd and 14th.

 5.9 mean max (C) , 15th lowest in 68 years here.
 0.6 mean min (C)  , 13th lowest
 3.2 mean (C) ,  -1.4 diff from av (C), the 14th lowest
 12.4 high max (C) on 19th 
 -0.5 low max (C) on  12th
  7.4 high min (C) on  31st
  -7.8 low min (C)  on  15th

51.6 rain total (mm)  66% of av , 17th lowest in 68 years
Wettest days were 9.6mm on19th  then 6.0mm on 18th and 23rd
25 raindays (days with >=0.2mm), 5th highest raindays
12 wetdays (days with >=1mm), 27th fewest wetdays
 4 very wet days (days with >=5mm), 19th fewest very wet days

Ground frost on 19 days
Air frost on 13 days
Fog on 2 days
69% cloud cover percent
89% mean RH 

Mean pressure was 1011.5 mb
Max pressure  1030.7 mb was recorded on 1st.
Min pressure    985.3 mb was recorded  on 30th.

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