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January 2022 February 2022 March 2022

Statistically January's mean temperature was normal, although an unseasonably warm beginning and ending on 1st 4th, and 27th 31st, but turning cold from 5th 7th, and 20th 26th.  Most rain fell before the 8th , very little after that, making January the 10th driest in the last 68 years here.  There was a light dusting of snow about 0.3cm from 2000 on 4th, with 0.2cm still lying the following morning. On the 6th about 0.5cm snow fell from 1100 although melted by early afternoon.

Quite a breezy month too, especially 1st 9th , and very windy from 29th - 31st.  Dullest days were 23rd 25th, and sunniest 11th 14th, 17th 21st, and 26th 31st .  Just 1 fog day on 14th.

 7.3 mean max (C) 
 1.3 mean min (C) 
 4.3 mean (C)  0.0 deg avg (C) , the 29th = highest in 68 years

13.0 high max (C) on 1, 9th = highest
  2.9 low max (C)  on  24
10.9 high min (C)  on 1, a new record highest
 -3.7 low min (C)   on  6

29.8 rain total (mm)  41% of av, 10th driest
Most rain was 6.6mm on 1st   

 20 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
 8  wetdays (days with >=1mm),   4th = fewest
  1  very wet day (days with >=5mm),  3rd = fewest
25 days with ground frosts ,  9th greatest number
  9 days with airfrosts
  1 day with fog
No thunder
57% cloud cover percent
92% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1025.3mb

  February has been mild, enjoying the 5th = highest mean temperature in 57 years, and the 4th = highest mean max and mean min.  Only 1961 and 2014 have had zero air frosts, and now 2022.  Although 14 ground frosts were recorded, the lowest min  temperature never got to freezing point.
Rainflall was the 5th highest monthly total, most falling on 4th, 6th, 13th to 20th , and 28th.
Windiest days were 20th-21st (storm Franklyn), 16th (storm Dudley) and 18th (storm Eunice), an unusual string of storms in succession passing nearby. It was quite sunny from 22nd to 27th, but dull around 8th-9th, 13th-15th, 20th -21st .

9.8 mmax (C) 
  3.5 mmin (C) 
  6.6 mean(C)  +1.9 diff from av (C).
14.0 high max (C) on 16th  
  5.7 low max (C) on 24th  
  8.8 high min (C) on 2nd
  0.7 low min (C) on 11th
104.2 rain total (mm)
189.5% of av 
19 raindays (days with >=0.2mm) (5th highest in 67 years)
14 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
10 very wet days (days with >=5mm) (2nd highest in 67 years)
14 days ground frost
  0 days air frost (only ever happened here in 1961 and 2014 before)
67% cloud cover percent
88% mean RH   ------------------------------------------------

SEASONAL REPORT FOR WINTER  (Dec2021, Jan2022, Feb2022)

                   this year   normal   anomaly
MeanMax       8.4           6.8          +1.6
MEAN              5.7           4.1          +1.6 
MeanMin        2.9          1.3           +1.6

RAINFALL     233.0      198.2       117.6%
Raindays         62          50.3        +11.7
Wet Days        37           35.8        +1.2
V Wet Days     17          14.4         +2.6
Cloud oktas    5.5          5.7          -0.2

Mean temperature ranks 6th= highest in 57 years, so a mild winter overall.
Rainfall is 18th highest, raindays are 9th highest, so wetter than average too.

After a cooler start to the month, March grew steadily warmer until a downturn on 29th. It was very pleasant from 22nd to 28th. Mean temperature for March was the 6th highest on record here (in 67 years). Mean Max was 2nd highest (beating 2012 and 2017) but Mean Min was only 14th mildest. There were only 2 airfrosts, the 7th fewest on record, on 8th and 31st. In recent years, 2012 and 2019 had no air frosts, and 2017 had just 1.
Rainfall was close to normal, wettest from 2nd to 4th and 11th to 16th, otherwise good long dry periods.  March had the 12th fewest raindays. There were brief snow flurries on 31st, but this did not settle.
Dullest days were 2-3, 11 and 16, and brightest were from 17th to 31st, with the exception of 21st and 30th. Windiest days were between 8th and 13th, calmest 20th to 30th. Just one day had fog, on 2nd, although several days remained misty.

12.9 mmax (C) 
  3.5 mmin (C) 
  8.2 mean(C)  +1.4 diff from av (C), the 6th mildest in 67 years.
20.8 high max (C) on 24th  
  6.8 low max (C) on 2nd    
7.9 high min (C) on 10th
 -1.1 low min (C) on 8th  and 31st 
 55.8 rain total (mm)
102.6% of av rainfall
11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  8 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  4 very wet days (days with >=5mm
14 days ground frost
  2 days air frost
  1 day with snow flurries on 31st
  1 day with fog
52% cloud cover percent
86% mean RH 


April 2022 May 2022 June 2022

April was fairly mild (13th mildest) and fairly dry (21st driest).
After a cool start to the month it was mostly quite pleasant from 15th onwards apart from a dull 28th.  Wettest days were 6th, 12th to 13th and 19th, then it was dry from 20th. Windiest days were 4th to 7th, 22nd to 23rd.
Good growing conditions for soft fruit and vegetables

 14.8 mean max (C) 
   4.5 mean min (C) 
   9.6 mean (C)  + 0.3 diff from av (C), the 13th mildest in 67 years
22.7 high max (C) on 15
  8.9 low max (C)  on  1
  8.9 high min (C) on  16
 -2.7low min (C) on 3
36.6 rain total (mm)  21st driest April
Most rain was 7.8mm on 30th

  11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
    3 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
     2 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

Ground frost on 9 days
Air frost on 5 days
No days with hail
No days with snow or sleet
No days with fog
No days with thunder
61% cloud cover percent
84% mean RH 

July 2022 August 2022 September 2022
October 2022 November 2022 December 2022
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