2008 Weather

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2008 Summary


Mean temperatures were above normal only in Jan, Feb and May, and normal or below in all other months. Indeed Jan and Feb rank among the top 6 years since records began here in 1956.  The annual mean is fractionally lower than expected, although the anomaly rounds to 0.0 deg C. 


The 997 mm annual rainfall ranks 2nd in our 53 years records, beaten in 1960 with 1030 mm, with last year's 938 mm close behind ranking 4th.  The 153 wet days have only been exceeded in 1960, 1966 and 1977 in our records.

Wettest months were Jul, Aug, Sep and Nov. Each of these months ranks between 4th and 8th wettest in our 53 years records.

The daily rainfall of 34.2 mm on 9/11/2008 ranks 28th in the 9958 days it has rained in our records. Incidentally it has rained on 51.5% of days.

Jan, May also had above normal rainfall but to a lesser extent. The only months with lower than normal rainfall were Feb, Jun and Dec, but in each case the preceeding month has been very wet.

The above normal rainfall during 5 months between Jul and Nov has led to a high water table on our clay soil, and consequently new rainfall has had difficulty draining away.

This has been the only October in our records with snow, albeit only 1cm.
Also it has been the 7th consecutive year with no snow during December.


1012.7 mean pressure (mb) 
1043.5 max pressure at any time of day on 17/2 
956.5 min pressure at any time of day on 11/3 

The depression which crossed our region on 10th March produced the 
lowest pressure reading of 956.5 mb here in 53 years records.


no. of days with: 

41 with air frost (air min temp -0.1C or less)
3 with sleet/snow falling 
3  with 50% snow cover 
4 with thunder heard 
3 with smallhail < 5mm diameter
0 largehail >=5mm diameter
8 with fog at morning observation hour

83.0% mean RH at morning observation


January 2008 February 2008 March 2008

A mild month having mean January temp 6.2C the 2nd highest in last 18 years (6.4C in 2007), and the 
5th highest in last 52 years. 
Especially mild 18th-20th, quite mild 26th-27th and coldest on 3rd. 
The lowest min temp (-0.9C) is the 2nd highest in 52 years (-0.1C in 2005).

Rainfall was the highest in January (also most days with >5mm rain) since 1999.
More than half this month's rain fell between 10th and 15th, with over 24mm on 11th, a very wet day with much surface water collecting.

Snow had been forecast for 3rd, but did not fall here. There was, however, a very brief sleet shower at 0915 on 31st. 

8.9 mean max (C) 
+2.5 diff from av (C)
3.4 mean min (C) 
+2.0 diff from av (C)
6.2 mean (C)
+2.3 diff from av (C)
13.0 high max (C) on 18th 
3.1 low max (C) on 3rd 
9.1 high min (C) on 20th 
-0.9 low min (C) on 3rd 

106.0 rain total (mm)
142.7 % of av 
20 raindays (0.2mm or more)
18 wetdays (1.0mm or more)
24.3 most in a day (mm) on 11th

2 air frost (air min temp <=-0.1C )

1 day with sleet/snow falling on 31st
0 days with 50% snow cover
0 days with thunder heard
0 days with fog at 0900

A dry and mild February. Cold 1st-3rd (snow flurries on 1st did not settle), 
becoming milder with 23mm of rain falling between 3rd-5th. Mild until 13th, 
then colder with night frosts 16th-20th. Small freezing fog crystals (described
on local TV as "diamond dust") fell for a few minutes around 0915 on 19th.
Mild again 21st-29th, some rain 25th, and very windy evening of 29th.
The highest maximum temperature 14.4C is the 6th highest , the highest minimum 
8.3C is the 12th highest, and it has been the 17th driest February in last 51 years.

9.6 mean max (C) 
+2.6 diff from av (C)
1.6 mean min (C) 
+0.2 diff from av (C)
5.6 mean (C)
+1.4 diff from av (C)
14.4 high max (C) on 12th 
4.6 low max (C) on 14th 
8.3 high min (C) on 24th 
-6.1 low min (C) on 17th 

32.0 rain total (mm)
62 % of av 
7 raindays (with 0.2mm or more)
6 wetdays (with 1.0mm or more)
8.9 most in a day (mm) on 4th

7  air frost (air min temp <=-0.1C)

1 days with sleet/snow falling (1st)
0 days with 50% snow cover

1 day with fog (19th)

A mixed changeable month, with a few bright days amid cloudy, wet and windy spells, even a little snow. Temperatures were slightly below normal with 6 airfrosts. It was cool 21-25, and milder 26-27 and 30-31.
Slightly above normal rainfall, 31mm of it falling on the 15th, 15mm between 10-12th, and 12mm between 26-28th.
Less than 1cm of snow fell in the early hours of 23rd but melted by the morning. 
As the depression passed around 2pm on 10th, a minimum pressure of 956.5mb was recorded, the lowest here in 50 years (previous lowest was 957.3mb).

9.7 mean max (C) 
-0.2 diff from av (C)
2.5 mean min (C) 
-0.6 diff from av (C)
6.1 mean (C)
-0.4 diff from av (C) 
14.6 high max (C) on 30th
6.8 low max (C) on 24th 
7.8 high min (C) on 2nd 
-3.6 low min (C) on 5th

69.4 rain total (mm)
113 % of av 
17 raindays (0.2mm or more)
12 wetdays (1.0mm or more)
31.1 most in a day (mm) on 15th

6 air frost (air min temp <=-0.1C)
1 sleet/snow falling in early hours of 23rd

1005.2 mean pressure (mb) at 0900 GMT ONLY
1035.2 max pressure at any time of day on 5th
956.5 min pressure at any time of day on 10th

April 2008 May 2008 June 2008

A changeable month, slightly cooler and wetter than usual.
Lowest April max temp since 2000 and most April rainfall since 2003. 
Coolest from 6th-9th with 8cm snowfall overnight on 6th, melting during the morning, but further <1cm falling during the day.
Pleasantly warm on 22nd, 23rd and 27th, with brief thunder at 1700 on 27th, which was a contrast to chilly maximum temps below 8 deg C from 5th-7th.

12.2 mean max (C) 
-1.2 diff from av (C)
3.8 mean min (C) 
-0.5 diff from av (C)
8.0 mean (C)
-0.9 diff from av (C)
18.2 high max (C) on 26th 
6.2 low max (C) on 6th 
10.7 high min (C) on 27th 
-2.1 low min (C) on 8th 

73.6 rain total (mm)
123 % of av 
18 raindays (with 0.2mm or more)
15 wetdays (with 1.0mm or more)
12.0 most in a day (mm) on 29th

6 days with air frost (air min < -0.1C)

1 day with snow falling on 6th
1 day with 50% snow cover on 6th
1 day thunder heard on 27th at 1700

A changeable, mild and wet May. 
Warmest between 6th and 12th (over 22C max),
coolest between 14th and 17th (below 13C max).
Rainiest period 25th to 27th with 45.6mm rain in three days.
Windiest 13th to 15th and 24th to 27th.

18.1 mean max (C) 
+0.7 diff from av (C)
9.4 mean min (C) 
+2.0 diff from av (C)
13.8 mean (C)
+1.4 diff from av (C)
25.0 high max (C) on 7th 
11.6 low max (C) on 16th 
13.6 high min (C) on 11th 
3.2 low min (C) on 19th 

74.6 rain total (mm)
132 % of av 
15 raindays (no. of days with 0.2mm or more)
13 wetdays (no. of days with 1.0mm or more)
20.7 most in a day (mm) on 25th

June was a pleasant but mixed month, average temperatures slightly below
normal, warmest days 8th-9th, coolest day 3rd, coolest night only 4.4C 
on 13th but no ground frost. Mean temperatures clinging around 15C many days.

Only 55% of normal rainfall, 12.5mm of this during 1st-2nd, 10.9mm between 18th-21st.

There were 12 sunny days, 8 days with good sunny spells, so good growing conditions
even if watering cans were kept busy. 

Windy from 18th-30th, especially later on the evenings of 19th and 22nd.

19.6 mean max (C) 
-0.6 diff from av (C)
10.1 mean min (C) 
-0.2 diff from av (C)
14.8 mean (C)
-0.5 diff from av (C)
26.4 high max (C) on 9th 
15.3 low max (C) on 3rd 
14.1 high min (C) on 10th 
4.4 low min (C) on 13th 

33.8 rain total (mm)
55 % of av 
12 raindays (with >=0.2mm)
10 wetdays (with >=1.0mm)
9.3 most in a day (mm) on 2nd

July 2008 August 2008 September 2008

The 6th wettest July in the last 50 years having 100.9mm (201%) normal rainfall, 
indeed the normal 50mm had been reached by 8th July!
Heaviest daily rainfall was 19.2mm on 28th and 18.6mm on 6th, on both days it was accompanied by thunderstorms.
Overall a cooler month than usual, but warm 1st and increasingly warm from 22nd to 28th, but a cool day 12th.

21.1 mean max (C) 
-1.2 diff from av (C)
12.3 mean min (C) 
-0.3 diff from av (C)
16.7 mean (C)
-0.8 diff from av (C)
28.3 high max (C) on 28th 
15.0 low max (C) on 12th 
18.1 high min (C) on 28th 
7.8 low min (C) on 4th 

100.9 rain total (mm)
201 % of av 
17 raindays (>=0.2mm)
15 wetdays (>=1.0mm)
19.2 most in a day (mm) on 28th

3 days with thunder heard:
6th 1430-1530 
7th 1415-1515 
28th 1830-2030 

August was disappointing being predominantly cloudy, wet and changeable.

The 7th wettest August in 52 years record-keeping here, with 19 wet days (>1mm) being the 2nd highest recorded (only exceeded in 1956), and 10 wetter days (>5mm) equalling 
1956 and 1992's record. 

Wettest days were 7th (24.3mm) and 16th (20.8mm).
Consequently the heavy clay soil here became and remained saturated.

A brief thunderstorm occurred at 1750 on 12th with a brief heavy shower.

The temperature range over the month was lower than usual, the highest max temp being the lowest since 1992 and the 9th lowest on record, while the lowest min temp equalled the 7th highest on record.

Overall this gave a mean temperature only slightly below normal.

20.0 mean max (C) 
-1.2 diff from av (C)
12.9 mean min (C) 
0.8 diff from av (C)
16.4 mean (C)
-0.3 diff from av (C)
23.4 high max (C) on 25th 
15.4 low max (C) on 13th
17.4 high min (C) on 30th
7.3 low min (C) on 15th

122.0 rain total (mm)
179 % of av 
21 raindays (>=0.2mm)
19 wetdays (>=1.0mm)
24.3 most in a day (mm) on 7th

1 day with thunder heard:
12th 1750 

A wet and changeable month, starting with 94.8mm of rain between 1st and 6th (equivalent to most of the entire month's normal rain falling between 4th-6th).

This has been the 8th highest September rainfall, also the 8th highest number of wetter days (>5mm) since records began here in 1956.

Although the mean min temp was around normal, the mean max temps was 0.8C below normal, 
making the monthly mean a little low (-0.4C below normal).

The mildest nights were 5th-11th (all over 11.3C).

More settled, warmer and drier with some sunshine between 12th-15th, 
18th-22nd (warmest days 19th-21st, all over 18.8C), and 24th-29th 
(the coolest nights 26th-29th, all lower than 6.7C).

Foggy mornings 14th and 26th, and a misty start on 27th.

16.6 mean max (C) 
-0.8 diff from av (C)
10.0 mean min (C) 
0.0 diff from av (C)
13.3 mean (C)
-0.4 diff from av (C)
20.4 high max (C) on 20th 
12.8 low max (C) on 30th 
13.0 high min (C) on 11th 
5.1 low min (C) on 28th 

123.2 rain total (mm)
172 % of av 
15 raindays (>=0.2mm)
12 wetdays (>=1.0mm)
33.2 most in a day (mm) on 6th

3 days fog/mist (14th, 26th, 27th)

October 2008 November 2008 December 2008

A changeable October with several good sunny days and reasonable temperatures between 7th-13th. 
Very wet (28mm rainfall) on 4th and a further 30mm falling between 25th and 29th, when it turned unseasonably cold. 
Late afternoon of 28th saw 1cm snowfall, the only October snowfall appearing in any October since 1956 here. The night of 28th into 29th recorded a minimum temperature of -3.5C, keeping the partial snow covering on grassy areas frozen into the next day. 

Also a short sharp hail shower (approx 5mm diameter) from 1430 to 1435 on 27th.

Overall rainfall was average, and temperatures 0.8C below expectations.

12.8 mean max (C) 
-0.9 diff from av (C)
6.6 mean min (C) 
-0.6 diff from av (C)
9.7 mean (C)
-0.8 diff from av (C)
19.9 high max (C) on 12th 
4.1 low max (C) on 29th
11.9 high min (C) on 15th
-3.5 low min (C) on 29th

75.0 rain total (mm)
103 % of av 
13 raindays (>=0.2mm)
9 wetdays (>=1.0mm)
28.0mm most in a day on 4th

2 days with air frost (air temp <=-0.1C)
1 day with sleet/snow falling on 28th
1 day with 50% snow cover at 0900 on 29th

1 day with large hail (>=5mm diameter) on 27th

A mild, cloudy start to November, although a cold but sunny finish.

Mean temperatures overall about normal, but maxima 0.5C below normal,
with the 6th lowest max since 1956 recorded here on 29th, last surpassed
in 1993. 

Minimum temperatures however were 0.6C above normal, the coldest
night being -2.4C on 23rd. In the last decade, 4 Novembers have had a higher min temp than this.

A notably wet month, the 4th wettest November since 1956, with highest
rainfall 34mm on 9th, 24mm on 1st and 18mm on 27th.

There were 4 airfrosts on 1st, 23rd, 26th and 30th, and 2 foggy mornings
(vis 100m) on 6th and 29th.

8.7 mean max (C) 
-0.5 diff from av (C)
4.5 mean min (C) 
+0.6 diff from av (C)
6.6 mean (C)
0.0 diff from av (C)
13.7 high max (C) on 14th 
1.3 low max (C) on 29th
10.1 high min (C) on 15th
-2.4 low min (C) on 23rd

125.9 rain total (mm)
178 % of av 
18 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
16 wetdays (days with >=1.0mm)
34.2 most in a day (mm) on 9th

4 days with air frost (air min temp <=-0.1C) on 1st, 23rd, 26th, 30th

2 days with fog (6th , 29th)

December was a notably cold month except for a milder spell 18th-22nd, turning very cold on 31st. 

Only 6 days had a min temp above the normal value.

Only 11 years since 1956 have had a lower Dec mean temperature, although 27 have had a lower low-minimum. Interestingly, because of the mild spell there 
have been only 11 years with a higher high-maximum temp.

Rainfall only 76% of usual, all falling before 20th, so a dry end to the month, consequently only 18 years since 1956 have had lower Dec rainfall.

Many days cloudy and dull with only occasional sunshine, with most sun seen 6th-10th. 

This has been the 7th consecutive Dec with no snowfall recorded, the closest being just a hint of sleet during a brief rain shower on 2nd. Just 1 day with fog on 31st.

5.7 mean max (C) 
-1.2 diff from av (C)
0.9 mean min (C) 
-1.8 diff from av (C)
3.3 mean (C)
-1.5 diff from av (C)
13.5 high max on 22nd 
-2.2 low max (C) on 31st 
9.5 high min (C) on 22nd 
-5.4 low min (C) on 31st 

60.6 rain total (mm)
75.6 % of av 
14 raindays (>=0.2mm)
8 wetdays (>=1.0mm)
22.0 most in a day (mm) on 12th

14 days with air frost (air min temp <=-0.1C)

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