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January was the 4th wettest in this station's 66 years of records, ranking 2nd or 3rd in raindays, wetdays and very wet days. Just 5 days had no rain measured/ The majority of the rainfall was between 11th and 31st.
Mean temp 2.6C ranks 12th= lowest, in recent years only 2010 had a colder 1.5C.The month began cold, until 11th when it returned to normal, apart from cold days between 22nd and 26th. Lowest minimum temps were on 25th 26th , 7th 8th  and 1st -2nd .
There were 15 airfrosts (13th = greatest number) and 26 ground frosts (4th = greatest number). Snow fell on 8 days (the 8th greatest number) bringing a total of 15.8cm of new snowfall (a less impressive 13th greatest).
Windiest days were 19th-20th. There was fog on 8 days (equalling the greatest number on record).

   5.1 mean max (C) 10th= lowest in 66 years here
   0.1 mean min (C)  15th = lowest
   2.6 mean (C)  1.5 deg below avg (C) 12th = lowest

11.2 high max (C) on 28
  0.1 low max (C)  on  7
  8.6 high min (C)  on 20
 -6.4 low min (C)   on 25
123.8 rain total (mm)  187% of av, 4th wettest
Most rain was 16.1mm on 27th  

  26 raindays (days with >=0.2mm), 2nd greatest number
  19 wetdays (days with >=1mm),   3rd= greatest number
  11 very wet days (days with >=5mm), 2nd= greatest number
26 days with Ground frosts , 4th= greatest number
15 days with airfrosts, 13th= greatest number
  8 days with fog 1,7-8,13-16,24, equalling greatest number

No thunder
75% cloud cover percent
95% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1011.2mb

February got progressively colder until 15th, with significant frosts 9th to 14th, and snow from late evening on 7th until the 11th. After that it became milder, so the overall temperatures were nearly normal.
Rainfall was above average, with 7th highest number of raindays and 9th highest number of very wet days (in 66 years records here).  The first and third weeks of the month were wettest, and the 2nd and 4th fairly dry. A quarter of the month's rainfall was on the 1st and 2nd .
It was dull for much of the month with occasional sunshine, the best proper sunny days were from 25th to 28th. It was windy at times, especially from 18th to 24th, the highest windspeeds being recorded on the 23rd.
So after a wet start to 2021, at least the end of February brought better sunshine and a breeze which has started to dry out the the top layer of the soil in the garden!

  8.0 mmax (C) 
  1.8 mmin (C) 
  4.9 mean(C)  +0.2 diff from av (C).
14.2 high max (C) on 24th  
  0.6 low max (C) on 8th and 11th 
  8.1 high min (C) on 21st
 -4.9 low min (C) on 11th
62.0 rain total (mm)
112.7% of av 
22 raindays (days with >=0.2mm) (7th highest in 66 years)
12 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  6 very wet days (days with >=5mm) (9th highest in 66 years)
17 days ground frost
10 days air frost
71% cloud cover percent
92% mean RH 


SEASONAL REPORT FOR WINTER  (Dec2020, Jan2021, Feb2021)

                     this year  normal   anomaly
MeanMax        6.5             6.8         -0.3 
MEAN               3.9         4.1         -0.2 
MeanMin         1.3             1.3          0.0
RAINFALL       314.2        202.3      115%
Raindays    74 (new record) 51.2 
Wet Days   54 (2nd  highest) 36.4
V Wet Days25 (=2nd highest) 14.7
Cloud oktas   4.8              5.7

Although temperatures were slightly below normal, rainfall has been 15% above, with Dec and Jan delivering 128mm and 124mm respectively, adding to that we had in Aug and Oct, so the ground remains saturated.

This has been the 3rd wettest winter on record in 66years here, beaten only in 1960, 1990 and 2014. The 74 raindays are a new record, beating 71 in 2014. The 54 wet days are now the 2nd highest, there were 59 in 2014. The 25 very wet days are now joint 2nd equals with 2013 and 2016, beaten by 39 in 2014.

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