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A mild month with rainfall slightly above  normal
Storm Doris swept through on 23rd Feb

WINTER 2016/17

Statistically a mild winter, the mean temperature 

being 1.0degC higher than normal.
Rainfall was 84% of normal

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Halesowen, West Midlands
   lies 13km to the 
west of Birmingham 
in central England. 

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A mild February, especially so 12th-26th, although cooler at the beginning and end of the month. The mean was exceeded by at least one degree in 1998, 1990, 2011 and 2002.  While the MeanMax was not exceptional, the MeanMin was within a degree of the record high in 2011, ranking 6th.
Air frosts were recorded only on 5th and 6th, but 14 days saw ground frosts, every day from 4th to 15th, also 24th and 28th.
Rainfall slightly above normal, well spread across the month with brief respite 9-10th and 17-20th. Wettest days were 27th with 8mm, 22nd with 7.5mm, 6th and 28th with 7mm.
Windy 2-3rd and 20-27th, although the highlight was on 23rd with 
storm Doris bringing peak gusts of 61mph, while pressure dropped to 986.3mb at 0930 and 1000 .
A few sunny days were had particularly on 4th, 7th, 13th and 24th.


(Dec 2016, Jan 2017, Feb 2017)

Statistically a mild winter, the mean temperature being 1.0degC higher than normal.
MeanMax was 0.8degC higher and Mean Min 1.2degC higher than normal.
Rainfall was 84% of normal, and while RainDays were slightly higher, WetDays and VeryWetDays were both slightly lower than normal.

Looking month by month, there was quite a variation in the make up of  Winter.
Dec and Feb were +1.5degC and 1.4degC milder than normal, Jan 0.4degC cooler.
While Dec was very dry, Jan and Feb were wet months

                     this year   normal   anomaly

HiMax              14.6          17.2    

MeanMax        7.6             6.8       +0.8 

LoMax             -0.3           -6.0                                                                 

MEAN               5.0             4.0       +1.0 
HighMin           9.6            11.7                             
MeanMin         2.5             1.3       +1.2

LoMin               -4.3        -14.5   

RAINFALL       167.3      197.6     84.8%                        
Raindays            55         50.2       +4.8

Wet Days            31         35.7        -4.7

V Wet Days         13         14.3       -1.3



7.9 mean max (C) 
  3.3 mean min (C) 
  5.6 mean (C)  +1.4 diff from av (C)

14.6 high max (C) on 20
  1.7 low max (C) on   
  9.2 high min (C) on  22 
 -1.8 low min (C) on    6


58.5 rain total (mm)
125 % of av 
20 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
13 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)


Ground frost on 14 days
Air frost on 2 days

63% cloud cover percent
93% mean RH  

Annual Summary for 2016

2016 was a mild year, the mean 10.6C being +0.7deg above 30 year value.
HiMax 34.1C was the 6th = highest on record, and HiMin 21.1C was 2nd= highest.

Rainfall was 981.4mm, 128% of the 30 year value, statistically the 6th wettest year.
However, monthly rainfall varied a lot, Jan, Mar, June and Nov were wet (Jun especially so, having 75mm on the wettest day on record 16/6/2016), while May, July, Oct and Dec were dry). All these wet months rank amongst the top 20% of the months in 61 years here, and three of the dry months amongst the bottom 20%.

Analysis of temperatures and rainfall from 1956-2016 indicates these trends:

an increase in mean temp of 1.92degrees from 8.67C to 10.59C.
the number of air frosts has dropped, especially in the last decade, 
and snow days are becoming far less frequent.
an increase in annual rainfall of 13% from 726.9mm to 821.5mm.

greater extremes of rainfall have occurred within the last 5 years. with 2011 being the lowest recorded, while the following two 2012 and 2014 ranked highest, and 2013 was 4th highest.  2016 ranks 6th in annual rainfall, with June enjoying most monthly rainfall in any month and the wettest day of any day during 61 years, on 16th June.

14.6 mean max (C) , +0.7 diff from av (C)  9th highest
 6.6 mean min (C) ,    +0.7 diff from av (C)  8th= highest
10.6 mean (C),          +0.7 diff from av (C)  6th= highest

HiMax  34.1C on 9/7/16   6th Highest
LoMax   2.8C on 16/1/16 
HiMin   21.1C on 20/7/16 2nd = (with 2009) highest 
LoMin   -4.6C on 30/11/16


981.4 rain total (mm), 128 % of av   6th highest (not as high as 2012/13/14)
186 raindays (with 0.2mm or more)
133 wetdays (with 1mm or more)
 57 verywetdays (with 5mm or more)  15th highest (not as high as 2008/12/13/14)

8 days with snow falling, 3 in Jan, 2 in Mar, 3 in Apr

1 days with 50% snow cover      1st= lowest

1015.0 mean pressure (mb) , +0.5 pressure anomaly (mb)
1045.1 max pressure at any time of day, on 27/12/16  New record high 
970.6 min pressure at any time of day, on 28/3/16    13th = highest

FROSTS                     The last frost was 30/4/16 and the first frost 8/11/16

THUNDER                 9 days with thunder heard

HUMIDITY                    89.0% at 0900

CLOUD COVER            62.4% at 0900



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