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January 2019 February 2019 March 2019


January was statistically cooler and drier than normal. Temperatures switched from pleasantly mild to cold and frosty several times during the month, and most rainfall was in the second half of the month. 

Air frosts 2nd-5th, 10th, 17th-18th, 23rd-24th, and 28th-31st.  Wettest days were 8.1mm on 16th and 9.7mm on 29th, with hardly any rain between 1st and 15th.  Quite windy at times on 27th and 13th, less so 8th, 12th and 26th.

So quite a varied month overall. It felt pleasantly mild at times, but bitterly cold at others. No monthly records were broken, most parameters ranking midway in the 64 years of records held.

 6.0 mean max (C) 


14 raindays (>=0.2mm)

22 ground frosts
13 air frosts 

66 cloud cover% 
91 mean RH%  

A very mild February, sharing the record for highest mean temp of 7.1C with 1998. Temperatures rose steadily throughout the month, peaking on 26th. The only air frosts were in the first 5 days of the month.  Rainfall overall was normal for the month, but virtually all of it fell between 4th and 10th, after which it remained dry until 28th.  The sunniest days were 14th-16th and 21st-27th, dullest were 5th, 8th and 28th.

Growing and cultivating the soil was unseasonably pleasurable for the second half of the month.

11.2 mmax (C) 
  3.0 mmin (C) 
  7.1 mean(C)  +2.9 diff from av (C).
18.7 high max (C) on 26th  
  2.4 low max (C) on 1st
  7.7 high min (C) on 21st
 -5.2 low min (C) on 3rd
46.5 rain total (mm)
99.4 % of av 
10 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  7 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
12 days ground frost
  5 days air frost
48% cloud cover percent
91% mean RH 
Seasonal Summary for
Winter 2019 (Dec,Jan,Feb)
SEASONAL REPORT FOR WINTER  (Dec2018, Jan2019, Feb2019)

                       this year  normal   anomaly
HiMax              18.7           18.7
MeanMax        8.5              6.8          +1.7 
LoMax              0.9            -6.0      MEAN               5.7              4.1          +1.6 
HighMin           8.7            11.7     MeanMin         2.8              1.3         +1.5
LoMin              -5.2          -14.5               
RAINFALL       197.2        198.2        99.5%
Raindays          44           50.3          -6.3
Wet Days          31           35.8         -4.8
V Wet Days      19           14.4         +4.6 Oktas                4.8           5.7  
Winter was statistically the 6th mildest, but while Dec and Feb were much milder than normal, while Jan was slightly cooler.
Rainfall was normal overall, but varied, as Dec was very wet, Mar normal and Jan drier than usual.

March statistically has been a mild and wet month, although the first half was cool, wet, and windy at times with some fairly sunny days, while the second half pleasantly mild, very sunny, calmer and dry.
The mean temp of 8.0C was 1.5deg above normal, the 6th highest equal in 64 years here. Consequently there were only 10 ground frosts (just 12 years have had fewer, many of these in the last decade), and no air frosts (only 3 years have now experienced this, in 1981, 2012 and this).
This was the 8th wettest March (156% normal), beaten from 1979 to 1982, also 2013, 2016 and 2018. Moreover, this nearly all fell in the first half of the month.
No snow was seen here, although some fell a few miles away on higher ground. There was a brief hailstorm at midday on 17th .
So a varied month, but finishing far more spring-like than it began!

  11.8 mean max (C) 
   4.3 mean min (C) 
   8.0 mean (C)  +1.5 diff from av (C), the 6th highest in 64 years here

18.3 high max (C) on 28
  6.6 low max (C)  on 
  8.4 high min (C) on  22
  0.4 low min (C) on 26
 85.2 rain total (mm)  156% of av 
Most rain was 18.5mm on 5th  

18 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
15 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  6 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

Ground frost on 10 days
Air frost on 0 days, only 3 years have had no airfrosts in March
2 days with fog 29th ,30th
54% cloud cover percent
86% mean RH 

Mean pressure was 1015.4mb


April 2019 May 2019 June 2019

April was mild and dry, the first half being cooler but the second half having some very warm days. Statistically this was the 10th mildest Aprili in 64 years here.
Rainfall was confined to two periods, with most between 2nd and 4th, and a smaller amount between 24th and 27th .There were many bright and sunny days, dullest days were 4th, 8thand 16th. Two days had brief thunder on 24th and 25th. The windiest spell was 26th to 28th as storm Hannah passed.

 15.1 mean max (C) 
   4.4 mean min (C) 
   9.8 mean (C)  +1.1 diff from av (C), the 10th highest in 64 years here

26.2 high max (C) on 21
  6.2 low max (C)  on 
10.4 high min (C) on  23
 -2.5 low min (C) on 14
 44.3 rain total (mm)  71% of av 
Most rain was 21.8mm on 4th  

  9 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  7 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  2 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

Ground frost on 10 days
Air frost on 4 days
1 day with fog 18th
2 days with thunder 24th at 1600, 25th at 1400
52% cloud cover percent
82% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1014.5mb


A slightly milder and drier month than normal, although statistically unexciting.. Temperatures were lower up to 9th, then remained above average for the rest of the month. Most rain fell 7th, 8th and 9th, accounting for 36mm of the 49mm monthly total. Sunniest days were 11th to 16th, and 21st to 23rd, whle the dullest days were 8th, 17th-18th and 29th.  The windiest days were between 26th and 31st.  The warmer and drier middle part of the month from 11th to 25th necessitated plenty of extra watering for fruit and vegetable crops.

17.5 mean max (C) 
  6.9 mean min (C) 
12.2 mean (C)  +0.3 diff from av (C)
22.9 high max (C) on  23
 9.4 low max (C) on    9
14.1 high min (C) on  26
  1.7 low min (C) on   12
49.0 rain total (mm)
84.5 % of av 
11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  7 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  4 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
Ground frost on 2 days
No Air frosts
55% cloud cover percent
77% mean RH 


Spring was milder and slightly wetter than normal, with a greater proportion of very wet days when it did rain. Mean temp was 10.0C, +1.3degf anomaly, the 6th highest in 64 years here. Rainfall 178mm was more in line with recent years than the very wet spring of 2018 when we had 281mm.

                this year     normal      anomaly

HiMax        26.2           29.2    
MeanMax  14.8         13.1         +1.7 
(7th highest)
LoMax  6.2         -2.1      

MEAN         10.0           8.7         +1.3 
(6th = highest)
HighMin       14.1         14.7                
MeanMin    5.2            4.3        +0.9 
10th = highest)
LoMin          -2.5         -11.1                           
RAINFALL  178.5       173.7       102.8%

Raindays     38           43.2        -5.2
Wet Days     29           32.6        -3.6
V Wet Days  12          11.6        +0.4
Oktas           4.3           5.4         -1.1
Bright Sun   437.5      420.5    +17.0

Statistically the June mean temperature was normal, but it was cool from 4th to 15th, otherwise warm, but hot at the end of the month especially 29th. Overall the mean temperature ranks 24th highest in the last 64 years here. There were no ground frosts, only 21 years of the last 64 have had one in June.

Rainfall totalled 161.5mm here, 265% of normal, ranking 4th in 64 years. It was beaten by 2016, 2012 and 2007. The number of very wet days (>=5mm) was 10, ranking =2nd with 1980, 1982 and 2012, being exceeded only in 2007.
Between 7th and 15th 127.2mm rain fell, double the normal for the whole month.

Sunniest days were 3rd, 6th, 16th,22nd and the period from 27th to30th.  Dullest days were11th to 13th and 25th.

  19.3 mean max (C) 
 10.2 mean min (C) 
 14.7 mean (C)  -0.1 diff from av (C)

32.8 high max (C) on 29
  9.3 low max (C)  on 11 
15.9 high min (C) on  2
  5.3 low min (C) on 10
161.5 rain total (mm)  265% of av 
Most rain was 31mm on 11th and 26mm on 12th. 

  15 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  14 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  10 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No ground frost or air frost
No days with fog 
1 day with thunder 23rd at 1600
67% cloud cover percent
84% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1014.2mb



July 2019 August 2019 September 2019


Fairly average temperatures for most of the month, but hot 22nd to 26th, peaking with 35.1C in the afternoon of 25th.  This made the mean temperature of 18.2C the 9th highest in 64 years.. The high max is a new July record, beating  2006/2015 and 2016.

Most of the month was dry, with only 21.1mm up to 29th, then came rain with some  torrential downpours on 30th, bringing the monthly total to 68.6mm. That single day ranks 11th in 23376 days (64years) of records here.

There were thunderstorms from late on 23rd into the early hours of 24th, with just 3.4mm rain between 0130 and 0400. Temperatures on 23rd had reached 32.3C.
Pressure showed rapid falls and rises, varying by over 2mb,  as these storms passed over.

Brightest days were 3rd-5th, 7th, 15th and 20th-25th. Dullest days were 6th,19th, 27th-28th. So statistically a warm and slightly wetter than usual, but this hides the detail.

  23.4 mean max (C) 
 13.0 mean min (C) 
 18.2 mean (C)  +1.3 diff from av (C)

35.1 high max (C) on 25
16.4 low max (C)  on 27
18.3 high min (C) on 24
  7.4 low min (C) on  3
68.6 rain total (mm)  117% of av 
Most rain was 47.5mm on 30th   

  11 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
   9  wetdays (days with >=1mm)
   4  very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No ground frost or air frost
No days with fog 
2 days with thunder
48% cloud cover percent
81% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1015.9mb


August was statistically mild and wet, but again the variation through the month was significant. Much of the month saw typical mean temperatures, but it was warmer 1st - 9th and 22nd -31st, especially hot from 23rd - 27th.
Most of the rain fell in the first half of the month, while it remained dry 1st-3rd and 20th-26th. It was particularly windy 9th-10th , less so 15th-16th and 30th-31st.
While the highest pressure was around the median,  unseasonably low pressure when it came was in the lower quartile.
A good growing and harvesting month for fruit and vegetables.

22.8 mmax (C) 
12.8 mmin (C) 
17.8 mean(C)  +1.3 diff from av (C), the 7th highest here in 64 years.
31.4 high max (C) on 25th  
16.1 low max (C) on 16th  
16.4 high min (C) on 9th
  8.3 low min (C) on 29th

73.0 rain total (mm)
110.1 % of av 
15 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
11 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
No Thunderstorms 
No Ground or air frost recorded.
61% cloud cover percent
87% mean RH  

Seasonal Summary for
Summer 2019 (Jun, Jul, Aug)

              this year       normal         anomaly
HiMax              35.1          35.1
MeanMax      21.8          20.6            +1.2 
LoMax              9.3            9.2                            
MEAN             16.9          15.8            +1.1 
HighMin            18.3         21.5  

MeanMin        12.0         10.9            +1.1
LoMin                 5.3         -1.1                       

RAINFALL     303.1        197.0         153.8%
Raindays            45        40.4            +4.6

Wet Days            35        30.3            +4.7
V Wet Days        19        12.6            +6.4
Oktas                 4.7         5.4

A warmer summer, mean 1.1 deg above normal, the 11th mildest in 65 years here. Mean max temp was 1.2 deg above (15th mildest) and mean min 1.1 deg above normal (8th mildest). HiMax 35.1C was a new record but the LoMax was the second lowest.  Rainfall was 153.8% of normal, the 4th highest on record here. Raindays were 4.6 higher, wet days 4.7 higher and very wet days 6.4 higher than normal. Warm and wet was good for growing fruit and veg so the plants enjoyed summer too.

Temperature for September was slightly above normal, the mean being the 12th highest in 64 years here, with no frosts recorded. Rainfall was 113.4mm, 178.6% of normal, although this was predominantly from 21st  to 30th, the start and middle of the month having little rainfall, so a very wet end to the month. September ranks 10th wettest here in 64 years. Wettest day was 24th with 30mm, 23rd had 24.5mm and 28th had 21.8mm.

Windiest days were 26th to 29th. While there were many bright days or bright parts of days earlier in the months. it was particularly dull on 7th, 9th, 16th and 29th.

Overall a pleasant month until the rains set in from 21st onwards.


 19.1 mean max (C) 
 10.0 mean min (C) 
 14.5 mean (C)  +0.6 diff from av (C)

25.6 high max (C) on 21
14.9 low max (C)  on  9
13.7 high min (C) on 16
  3.3 low min (C) on   8
113.4 rain total (mm)  178% of av 
Most rain was 30mm on 24th   

  19 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  11 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
   6 very wet days (days with >=5mm)

No ground frost or air frost
No days with fog 
1 day with thunder
48% cloud cover percent
91% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1016.9mb


October 2019 November 2019 December 2019

October was a cool, damp and wet month.  Temperatures fell steadily throughout the month. Mean temp was the 14th lowest in the last 64 years, the last time it was lower was back in 2012.
The HiMax temp was the 6th lowest and the HiMin 7th lowest. There were ground frosts 2nd 3rd and from 27th 30th, but no air frost (missed by just 0.3 deg on 28th ).
Rainfall was 14th highest in 64years here, but half the years since 2000 have exceeded this amount.  8 days saw more than 5mm rain, and only 6 days saw none.

Windiest days  9th 11th,  25th , 18th.
Dullest days 1, 7, 11, 14, 15, 25, 26, 31

 12.9 mean max (C) 
   6.6 mean min (C) 
   9.7 mean (C)  -0.7 diff from av (C)

16.2 high max (C) on 1
  7.2 low max (C)  on 26
10.5 high min (C)  on 6
  0.3 low min (C)   on 28
100.0 rain total (mm)  122% of av 
Most rain was 25.5mm on 25th   

  22 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
  17 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
   8 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
   Only 6 days with NO rain

Ground frosts 2nd-3rd , and 27th 30th
No air frost
Fog 23rd 24th  
No thunder
64% cloud cover percent
95% mean RH 
Mean pressure was 1010.7mb

A cool November, with mean temperature 1.1 deg below normal overall, only being mild from 1st to 5th and 23rd to 27th, resulting in 4 air frosts and 14 ground frosts.
It was a very wet month, raining nearly every day, 47mm most falling 13th-14th , 23.7mm on 9th 10th, and 19mm 1st 2nd.  This equals the record raindays we had in 2015 and amongst the highest recorded wet days and very wet days here.
Sunniest days were 3rd, 8th, 10th, 13th, 18th, 29th.  Windiest were 11th 14th, 1st 2nd and 25th 28th.

  7.8 mmax (C) 
  3.7 mmin (C) 
  5.7 mean(C)  -1.1 diff from av (C), the 15th coolest here in 64 years.
13.8 high max (C) on 1st 
  3.0 low max (C) on 30th  
 8.0 high min (C) on 27th
 -1.8 low min (C) on 19th
116.6 rain total (mm)
159.1 % of av 
26 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
23 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
13 very wet days (days with >=5mm)
Most daily rain was 30mm on 14th.
14 days ground frost
  4 days air frost
75% cloud cover percent
95% mean RH  

Seasonal Summary for
Autumn 2019 (Sep, Oct, Nov)

This autumn was slightly cooler than normal by 0.2 deg.  Rainfall was 156.5% of normal, totalling 330mm, the 4th greatest here in 64 years.
There were 72 rain days out of 91 in the three months, 48 exceeding 1mm of rain, 24 exceeding 5mm of rain (the 2nd highest here). Remember this follows a very wet Summer.

                    this year  normal   anomaly
HiMax              25.6        28.4
MeanMax        13.3        13.8         - 0.5 
LoMax              3.0         -2.0               
MEAN              10.0         10.2         - 0.2 
HighMin          13.7         17.1             
MeanMin          6.7           6.6        + 0.1
LoMin              -1.8          -8.1                        
RAINFALL       330.0      210.8      156.5%
Raindays            72         45.9       + 26.1
Wet Days            48         33.6      + 14.4
V Wet Days        24         13.9      + 10.1

Oktas               5.0            5.4         - 0.4

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