2005 Weather

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2005 Summary

Mild and dry Jan/start Feb. 
Cooler end Feb into March, with some snow. 
Mild end to March. 
Changeable mild April, and dry May.
Settled sunny June and start July, drier than normal.
End July wet from localised torrential storms in the area.
Bright sunny and dry Aug/Sep. 
Mild and wet Oct/start Nov.
Cooler end to November with some snow. 
Changeable and drier than normal in December, with mild start and a cold wintery finish.


14.5 mean max (C)   0.7 diff from av (C)
7.4 mean min (C)   1.0 diff from av (C)
10.9 mean (C)  0.8 diff from av (C)

31.3 high max (C) on 19 Jun 
1.3 low max (C) on 28 Dec 
18.2 high min (C) on 19 Jun,13 Jul, 15 Jul 
-4.4 low min (C)on 29 Dec, 30 Dec 


683.4 rain total (mm)   87.7 % of av 
167 raindays (no. of days with 0.2mm or more)
113 wetdays (no. of days with 1.0mm or more)
34.9 most in a day (mm) on  12 Oct date


37 days with air frost (air min temp -0.1C or less)
8 days with sleet/snow falling (in the UK from 0000-2400 GMT)
6 days with 50% snow cover at morning observation hour
5 days with thunder heard (in the UK from 0000-2400 GMT)


88.7 mean Relative Humidity at morning observation


1014.5 mean pressure (mb) 
1041 max pressure at any time of day on 13 Dec,14 Dec 
971 min pressure at any time of day on 3 Dec 
January 2005 February 2005 March 2005

With mean temperature 1.9 deg above average, this was the mildest January with fewest frost days for at least 12 years.

With only 24% of average rain it was the driest January since 1997, and following December's mere 33% of average rain this has been a particularly dry winter so far.

Indeed the greatest daily rainfall was below 4mm, the greatest daily rainfall in the last two months being only 9mm.


8.2 mean max  (C)
5.8 mean ( C)
3.5 mean min ( C)
(1.9 deg above average)

12.3 highest max ( C)
- 0.1 lowest min ( C)

17.9 rainfall (mm)
24% of average
15 raindays (over 0.2mm)

A month of two halves, from 1st-13th 2.5C above average temperature while from 14th-28th 1.7C below average. Eight air frosts all after 16th.
The first worthwhile 15mm of rain fell on the 6th, another 20mm on
11th-13th, with 18mm more in the rest of the month, some falling as light snow 21st-24th.
There were 9 bright/sunny days although the rest were rather dull/cloudy.


6.9 mean max (C) 
-0.1 diff from av (C)

2.0 mean min (C) 
+0.6 diff from av (C)

4.5 mean (C)
+0.3 diff from av (C)

11.3 high max (C) 
 -1.8 low min (C)

53.7 rain total (mm)
104 % of average 
16 raindays (over 0.2mm)


The first half of March was cool, with light snow at the beginning, 
having the only 6 air frosts of the month and 7 rain days which delivered just 16mm rainfall. From the 15th to 28th, it was warmer than average with temperatures up to 18 deg C and just 13mm rain. A downturn in the final days, though, as temperatures returned to normal levels, and 33mm rain falling in 2 days with plenty of surface water, 99% rel humidity and mist. Statistically a very slightly warmer and wetter month than average, but in reality a cool half followed by a warm half.

10.3 mean max (C) 
+0.4 diff from av (C)

4.0 mean min (C) 
+0.9 diff from av (C)

7.0 mean (C)
+0.5 diff from av (C)

18.1 high max (C)
-1.6 low min (C)

63.1 rain total (mm)
103 % of av 
14 raindays (over 0.2mm)

April 2005 May 2005 June 2005

A changeable month with temperatures 1 deg above expectation, having mild days on 2nd,3rd and from 21st onwards, and warm on 29,30th. Coolest days 8th,9th. This is the fourth consecutive year with no recorded April air frost, unlike the preceeding 9 years. Rainfall has returned to normal for the last 3 months after the drier preceeding period, and the ground while warming up has remained wet. 

14.2 mean max (C) 
+0.8 diff from av (C)

5.6 mean min (C) 
+1.3 diff from av (C)

9.9 mean (C)
+1.1 diff from av (C)

22.8 high max (C)
0.1 low min (C)

60.3 rain total (mm)
101 % of av 
16 raindays (over 0.2mm)

A changeable month - some good sunny spells mixed with cloud and showers, and windy at times.
Temperatures 0.3 deg above normal overall, with a warm spell 27th, but cool from 7-12th.
Rain only 72% of normal, falling mostly 21st-24th and 29th-30th.


17.7 mean max (C) 
+0.3 diff from av (C)

7.7 mean min (C) 
+0.3 diff from av (C)

12.7 mean (C)
+0.3 diff from av (C)

28.1 high max (C) 
2.5 low min (C)

40.8 rain total (mm)
72 % of av 
15 raindays (over 0.2mm)


Plenty of sunshine, a mostly settled first half to the month...

but very warm with thundery spells in the second half. Torrential but short-lived rainfall on the 25th and 26th.

22.3 mean max (C) 
+2.1 diff from av (C)

11.9 mean min (C) 
+1.6 diff from av (C)

17.0 mean (C)
+1.7 diff from av (C)

31.3 high max (C) 
6.3 low min (C)
49.6 rain total (mm)
80 % of av 
10 raindays (over 0.2mm)

thunder heard on 3rd, 19th, 24th and 28th.

July 2005 August 2005 September 2005

Bright and sunny month mostly, wet start and end to the month and warm spell 9th-14th.

Dull wet and windy day 28th, particularly in the afternoon when the mini-tornado struck Kings Heath and neighbouring areas in Sth Birmingham travelling S to N, approx 10km path length, around 1430. Torrential localised downpours in the area during the afternoon.

21.3 mean max (C) 
-1.0 diff from av (C)

13.5 mean min (C) 
+0.9 diff from av (C)

17.4 mean (C)
0.0 diff from av (C)

29.1 high max (C) 
 9.8 low min (C)

46.1 rain total (mm)
92 % of av 
7 raindays (over 0.2mm)

Generally bright, sunny and summery month with temperatures close to normal.
Dry, with only 55% of normal rainfall, mostly falling on 13th and 21st-24th.

21.7 mean max (C) 
+0.5 diff from av (C)

12.2 mean min (C) 
+0.1 diff from av (C)

16.9 mean (C)
+0.3 diff from av (C)

26.4 high max (C) 
9.6 low min (C)

37.4 rain total (mm)
55 % of av 
10 raindays (over 0.2mm)

An autumnal mix of sunny and cloudy days, with temperatures steadily falling, with cold nights 17th,18th,24th. 
The second month running with only half the usual rainfall, significant falls being on 10th,28th and 30th. 

19.3 mean max (C) 
+1.9 diff from av (C)

11.6 mean min (C) 
+1.6 diff from av (C)

15.4 mean (C)
+1.7 diff from av (C)

25.8 high max (C) 
5.2 low min (C)

36.2 rain total (mm)
50 % of av 
10 raindays (over 0.2mm)

October 2005

November 2005

December 2005


A mild month, particularly 10-12,15-17 and 27th, with mean
temperature 2.2 deg above normal overall. Three wet days, 11-12, and 24th alone gave the months normal rainfall, the month's total being 70% above normal. Some plants here are being confused by the mildness of the autumn so far, some trees are in blossom again and some plants are carrying on growing and flowering beyond their usual end-of-season.

15.3 mean max (C) 
+1.6 diff from av (C)

10.1 mean min (C) 
+2.9 diff from av (C)

12.7 mean (C)
+2.2 diff from av (C)

19.8 high max (C) 
7.0 low min (C)

 123.6  rain total (mm)
170%  of av   
18  raindays (over 0.2mm)

34.9  most in a day (mm) on 12th

Mild and changeable first half of November, then a cooler but bright week, finishing with a cold and cloudy week with snow and ice. Overall precipitation normal for November,  but 53mm of the 69mm fell between 1-8.  Frosty nights 17-22. First snowfall at noon on 28, lying snow on 29, icy on morning of 30. Snowfall 4 - 5cm deep, equivalent to 5.6mm rain when melted. 

8.8 mean max (C) 
-0.5 diff from av (C)

2.9 mean min (C) 
-1.0 diff from av (C)

5.8 mean (C)
-0.7 diff from av (C)

15.8 high max (C) 
-3.2 low min (C)

68.6 rain total (mm)
97 % of av 
16 raindays

Changeable month with temps slightly below average, normal
at start of month but cold 17-19, 27-30 and milder 15-16,21-24. 
Below average rainfall, mostly falling 1-2, 29-30. Saw little of expected snowfall at end of month, as it turned rapidly to rain here as the front approached from 
the west and temps rose.

6.8 mean max (C) 
-0.1 diff from av (C)

2.3 mean min (C) 
-0.4 diff from av (C)

4.6 mean (C)
-0.2 diff from av (C)

10.8 high max (C) 
-4.4 low min (C)

59.3 rain total (mm)
74 % of av 
16 raindays (no. of days with 0.2mm or more)

20.0 most in a day (mm) on 1st


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