Requests for Information

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Requests received for Information

I have Halesowen data from 1956 to the present, and I am happy to share information I have with those who have a real use for it (for non-commercial uses only).  I do not have data for other locations. 

If you do have a worthwhile use for any of the information I do have, do please ask. 
or can email me at 

I have received many requests for information and a selection is listed below...

From Request
GB, 2002 Halesowen rainfall and temperatures, annual and monthly for 5 year period, to support article for US magazine by local enthusiast on growing lilies in the UK
SW, 2005 Sunrise and Sunset times, to be used by Walsall Talking News weekly audio cassette sent out to registered blind and partially sighted people in Walsall, West Midlands
JE, 2007 Rainfall for days in 2007 in connection with flooding in this area for the Environment Agency
AB, 2007 providing rainfall, temp and wind data over a 3 month period for use in a project on the Urban Heating Island Effect for undertaken by a geography student at Wolverhampton University
TH, 2007 Confirmation of weather conditions in Halesowen on a specified day following an accident slipping on the ice
IT, Belbroughton, Worcs, 2007 Earliest and latest air frost dates for a grower, in determining the danger of frost
RK, 2007 Sunrise and Sunset Times in connection with observance of Eid
DS, Oldswinford, West Midlands, 2008 Record of wind speed on a certain day in connection with an claim for damage to garden wall by gust of wind
BC. 2008 Mean soil temperatures at 50cm, 1m depth
MG, Clent, Worcs 2008 Annual rainfall data to determine how much rainfall might be collected in rain barrels in the garden
JA,  2008 Weather conditions and sunset time in May 2001 in Northern Ireland
DH, 2008 Sunrise and Sunset times for Norwich
DA, 2008 Night minimum temperatures in connection with observation of moths
RC, 2008 Relative Humidity and Dew Point calculation for marine surveyor in connection with damage to cargo in side ship's hold due to sweating
AW, 2008 Weather information for London Heathrow in April 2008
SB, 2008 Min and Max Temperatures for Quinton, Birmingham for Central Science Lab
JS, 2008 Rainfall records in connection with flooding from stream running through Halesmere Estate, Halesowen
JW, 2009 Air pressure and humidity for days in July 2009, in connection with determining the efficiency of air blowers used to aerate partially treated effluent in a local plant.
JD, 2009 Heating Degree Days used to model boilers, check effect of loft insulation, double glazing etc
RM,MH, 2009- Rainfall data for use in monitoring flood risk in this area, for Dudley MBC
D,  2010 Soil temperature variation with depth
LJ, 2010 Rainfall 2009/10 affecting contractor's deadlines in completing work
RH, 2010 Environment Agency, rainfall in June/July 2007 re- flood risk management hydrological modelling
DB, 2010 Advice on water consumption for new allotment site
JK, 2010 CET sunshine records
MM, 2011 Regarding my website as a meteorological resource for students
RK, 2011 Sunrise and sunset time calculation
KK, 2011 Agreement with my relationship between temperature and gas usage
PT, 2011 Historical temps, sunshine, rainfall, soil temps data
CJ, 2011 Sunshine records
CA, 2012 Wind speed on certain day
GH, 2012 Variation of rainfall amounts in nearby locations
JM, 2012 Weather data to see if it explains variation in noise levels on BT line
CB, 2012 Possible effect of temp and rainfall on abundance of Great Crested Newts over last 18 years
JY, 2013 Accurate setting for barometer