50 Years of Records

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Records are available for Halesowen from 1956, so I am able to provide weather statistics for over 67 years in this locality:

By Month, for each month Jan to Dec, averaged over all years

By Year, listed or graphed for each of the past  years

Every Month in Every Year, for temperatures, rainfall and pressure for every individual month in each of these years

Extremes, for the warmest, coldest, wettest and snowiest years, months or dates in the these years



Overall temperatures, rainfall and mean pressure based on Halesowen data recorded over period 1956-2020

HighMax MeanMax Mean MeanMin LowMin AnnualRain MeanPressure
35.6 13.6 9.7 5.8 -14.5 785.8 1014.3

HighMax= highest maximum temp recorded, deg C
MeanMax= mean of Max temps for the month, deg C
Mean = mean temp for the month, deg C (defined as (min+max) /2  )
MeanMin= mean of Min temps for the month, deg C
LowMin = lowest minimum temp recorded, deg C

MonthlyRain= mean rainfall in mm for each month

MeanPressure=mean pressure in mb for the month (MSL pressure calculated for mean sea level)

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