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August was statistically mild and wet, but again the variation 
through the month was significant...

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Halesowen, West Midlands
   lies 13km to the 
west of Birmingham 
in central England. 

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August was statistically mild and wet, but again the variation 
through the month was significant. 
Much of the month saw typical mean temperatures, 
but it was warmer 1st - 9th and 22nd -31st
especially hot from 23rd - 27th.
Most of the rain fell in the first half of the month, 
while it remained dry 1st-3rd and 20th-26th
It was particularly windy 9th-10th , less so 15th-16th and 30th-31st.
While the highest pressure was around the median,  
unseasonably low pressure when it came was in the lower quartile.
A good growing and harvesting month for fruit and vegetables.

Seasonal Summary for
Summer 2019 (Jun, Jul, Aug)

              this year       normal         anomaly
HiMax              35.1          35.1
MeanMax      21.8          20.6            +1.2 
LoMax              9.3            9.2                            
MEAN             16.9          15.8            +1.1 
HighMin            18.3         21.5    
MeanMin        12.0         10.9            +1.1
LoMin                 5.3          -1.1                             

RAINFALL     303.1        197.0         153.8%
Raindays            45        40.4            +4.6

Wet Days            35        30.3            +4.7
V Wet Days        19        12.6            +6.4
Oktas                 4.7         5.4

A warmer summer, mean 1.1 deg above normal, the 11th mildest in 65 years here. Mean max temp was 1.2 deg above (15th mildest) and mean min 1.1 deg above normal (8th mildest). HiMax 35.1C was a new record but the LoMax was the second lowest.  

Rainfall was 153.8% of normal, the 4th highest on record here. Raindays were 4.6 higher, wet days 4.7 higher and very wet days 6.4 higher than normal. Warm and wet was good for growing fruit and veg so the plants enjoyed summer too.


22.8 mmax (C) 
12.8 mmin (C) 
17.8 mean(C)  +1.3 diff from av (C), the 7th highest here in 64 years.
31.4 high max (C) on 25th  
16.1 low max (C) on 16th  
16.4 high min (C) on 9th
  8.3 low min (C) on 29th


73.0 rain total (mm)
110.1 % of av 
15 raindays (days with >=0.2mm)
11 wetdays (days with >=1mm)
  5 very wet days (days with >=5mm)


No Thunderstorms 
No Ground or air frost recorded.
61% cloud cover percent
87% mean RH  


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Page updated   01/09/2019